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KonMari Party!

I just had a KonMari Party in my closet and I am only using purses that I love, now!!

I am in-process of doing some tidying at my home and office.  I’ve been contacting old clients about getting rid of their binders, receipts, cuttings, etc.  Also, I wanted to find out if they wanted their fabrics that I have now been storing for up to thirteen years! Yowsers!   At about the same time, my kid’s school was having a book fair and there sitting on the stage in the auditorium for sale was… “The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up – the Japanese Art of Decluttering and Organizing” by Marie Kondo!   I thought to myself, I wonder what an expert might have to offer me as I move through this tidying process.

Let me tell you, it’s a “KonMari” Party at my house right now! Before KonMari of Purses

After KonMari of Purses

So, what happened here… those are the same 4 hooks in my closet, but they are holding a lot less purses and I can’t help but smile through this whole experience!

1) I said goodbye to the black bag that was my Grandma’s – that eek had mold on it!  She doesn’t really want me to hold on to this bag of hers… in her memory!!

2) I said thank you to the purple Kate Spade for carrying my things and to Deborah who gave me this purse and then I sent it to Virginia’s home who is having a Eastern Star Rummage Sale on June 6, 2015 at her home in San Leandro!  If you want it, the sale will be on Bancroft Avenue between Callan and Dutton Avenues.

3) I said thank you to the white Nine & Co. purse and to the Black Nine West purse for carrying my things.  I sent them to Virginia’s house, also.

4) I said thank you to the Red Louis Vuitton Bag that I purchased with my “X” on a very memorable and fabulous trip to Hong Kong.  And, I gave it to Virginia for the sale.

5) So that I know which purse is inside each bag, I hung the handles outside in KonMari style.  I put up to two purses inside each purse.  I am now left with only the bags that bring me joy!

Smile!  I went from 18 purses to 13 purses, but only 6 are visible… Nicely done, don’t you think!?  And, don’t you just love that blue by Michael Kors!

Party on KonMari!  Really, I cannot adequately describe how emotionally satisfying this approach is to tidying on the soul, mind and spirit!!  And, I personally cannot wait to tackle my next space… I will keep you posted as things progress.  If you wish for Leeza Designs to help you KonMari your space, please reach out to me at 415-244-2040 to discuss your project.


I met Martyn Lawrence Bullard

Yesterday, I went to the Design San Francisco event at the SFDC which is being held from February 4-6, 2015.  While at the Benjamin Moore Showroom at the Color Trend 2015 presentation I heard Martyn Lawrence Bullard speak!  He wore a beautiful Claret colored sport coat in homage to the berry colors announced as color trends for 2015.

He shared that he only uses Benjamin Moore Colors these days!  He is a convert.  I do quietly disagree. I think there are many fabulous colors out there and Benjamin Moore has not cornered the market on all the colors that I see in my head.  I wish they did, as I believe their quality is superior to their competition, but unfortunately using a color match…. does not always work.  Learned that lesson the hard way!

Martyn Lawrence Bullard is signing his book for me!

Martyn Lawrence Bullard is signing his book aptly called ‘Live, Love & Decorate’ for me!

Color Trend 2015 Event at the SF Design Center with Martyn Bullard in the Benjamin Moore Showroom.

Color Trend 2015 Event at the SF Design Center with Martyn Bullard in the Benjamin Moore Showroom.

During the book signing, I was brave enough to hand him my business card… but, of course I told him it was just for giggles. The name of his new book is ‘Live, Love & Decorate‘.  It really is a master piece, (and, I don’t say this lightly) filled with amazing color and an incredible use of space.  As readers, you get a glimpse of the homes of Chris Rock, Cher, Sir Elton John, Cheryl Tiegs, to just name a few.  It’s hard to pick a favorite, but I would love to live in Aaron and Julia Sorkin OR Tamara Mellon’s homes…. just for a day or two.  pretty please.

He loved the color of my business card which is a shade of turquoise with some grey tones that muddy it down.  Some might call it Peacock or a blue version of the Tiffany Green.  It’s very romantic.   We agreed that we both love this color!

My business card in Peacock Blue

My business card in Peacock Blue

He shared that it is one of his favorite colors and I told him that I noticed that he has an affinity for this color in his work.

Martyn Lawrence Bullard designs. This is one of my favorite photos of his work!

Martyn Lawrence Bullard designs. This is one of my favorite photos of his work!


Ozzy & Sharon Osbourne's Home by Martyn Lawrence Bullard Designs.  Love that Turquoise!

Ozzy & Sharon Osbourne’s Home by Martyn Lawrence Bullard Designs. Love that Blue!

We painted our front door a fabulous peacock blue.  It is Sherwin Williams Cloudburst SW6487 in a gloss finish.

Before shot of my Front Door.

Before shot of my Front Door.

My front door in Sherwin Williams Cloud burst SW6487.

My front door in Sherwin Williams Cloud Burst SW6487 with a crystal wreath that I made with my kids.

Crystal Wreath - one of the many art project that I have done with my kids.  We used some of my Great Grandma's earrings on our wreath!

Crystal Wreath – one of the many art project that I have done with my kids. We placed some of my Great Grandma’s earrings on our wreath!


Yep, these are the kids on their first day of school.  I have one incredible artist and a one super smart jock.  Notice the paper fish sail adorning our door!

Yep, these are my kids on their first day of school. I have one incredible artist and a one super smart jock. Can you tell who is who?  Notice the handmade paper fish sail adorning our door that replaced our crystal wreath for a short while!


In this Mid Century Modern home in Oakland, we added this fabulous blue pillow to the mix.

Love that Blue!

Love that Blue!

I am working on renovating an attic right now in Berkeley… I really love this client’s style.   It’s very sweet and romantic.  We used Thibaut wallpaper number T6937 available from Sloan Miyasato on the ceiling in the attic.  And, we painted the walls a fabulous color… you guessed it…turquoise! It is called Kelly Moore Folk Tales KM5069-2.

Before shot of the attic!  Notice the plywood floor, no lighting and the off white walls and ceiling.

Before shot of the attic! Notice the plywood floor, no lighting and the off white walls and ceiling.

Attic awaiting drapery panels!  Has a new floor walls, ceiling, chandelier...


Wishing you lots of fun decorating times!





Benjamin Moore Announces the COLOR OF THE YEAR 2015

An annual event for design professionals is ‘Design San Francisco’ which this year is on February 4 – 6, 2015.  I attended a meeting at the Benjamin Moore Showroom where they unveiled the color of the year for 2015!

This is not a new Benjamin Moore color.  I’ve used it for many years and even used it on the walls in my own family room back in 2008.  I have a new home these days with a new blue color on my family room walls…  But, I can share from personal experience that Guilford Green HC-116 is a very easy color to live and work in.  I have many reasons for suggesting green for a client’s home.  In the home office, it conjures of feelings of wealth and success.  Green is the color of money.  In the bathroom, it reminds us of meadows and trees surrounded by calm waters.  More recently, I used Holingsworth Green HC-141 on the exterior of a home in Berkeley.

Guilford Green graced the walls of my family room in 2008.

Guilford Green graced three walls in my family room in 2008.

Before Shot of Client's Berkeley Home.

Before Shot of my Client’s Berkeley Home.


New Paint Colors for Client's home in Berkeley, CA

After photo with a new green facade! It’s actually Benjamin Moore’s Holingsworth Green HC-141
 which has less yellow in it than Guildford Green.

Personally, I found the rest of Benjamin Moore’s Color Trends for 2015 much more exciting!  Here are a few…   Carter Plum CW-355 is a fabulous deep, dark raspberry and I have always thought Silver Fox 2108-50 had a masculine edge to it.  Isn’t Split Pea 2146-30 funky?!

My favorite Benjamin Colors from the Color Trend Predictions for 2015

My favorite Benjamin Moore Colors from the Color Trend Predictions for 2015

Other trends that were mentioned in the meeting:

  • How about semi-gloss on the ceiling?!  I’m not sure I could sell this idea, but I will think on it…
  • Try using a pop of color in the furthest room, when you can view multiple rooms through doorways. It will invite you and guest to explore.
  • Use all of the shades of green in Benjamin Moore’s Color Trends 2015 to create a monochromatic color scheme.
  • Try using blush hues if you have a historical home.  They whisper of romance and opulence.
  • Use a range of colors from bold to blush in the same family, such as Old Claret 2083-30 and Pink Damask OC-72.  It is like going on a graceful journey.
  • Consider accenting with Guilford Green HC-116 in every room. Make it your signature color and it will ground your rooms and provide a cohesive look and feel throughout your home.

Color is all about graceful flow throughout the home in 2015!



Hot off the Press: Pink!

Pink is getting a lot of publicity in 2011.  Pantone just predicted 18-2120, Honeysuckle is THE color for 2011, which is a HOT raspberry color.  And, the The New York Times just wrote an article on the pink bathroom, referencing one of my favorite movies from my high school years, “Pretty in Pink”.   And they noted blogger Pam Keuber, who started a blog called http://savethepinkbathroom; a hilarious blog, worth checking out!  But, beware, she asks you to take a pledge to never destroy your vintage pink bathroom!

What do you think?  Will you be keeping your PINK 1970s bathroom? Or, do you have any plans to change your living room to PINK in 2011?  Let me know.

I’ve included a few pictures of the PINK work I’ve done and a few PINK photos that I find inspirational.  Enjoy!

Leeza Designs Pink Tiled Bathroom with a Pink Ceiling in Kensington, CA

Leeza Designs Pink Guest Bedroom in Kensington, CA

Leeza Designs Panels with Roman Shade in a Pink Guest Bedroom in Castro Valley, CA

Inspirational Living Room with Pink Accents

These last two fun inspirational pink photos are from Belle Maison.  You can check out Belle Maison using  the link in my blogroll.

Elizabeth Barnes

Elizabeth Barnes

Elizabeth Barnes is the principal designer at Leeza Designs in Piedmont, CA. In my opinion, Color on walls can create a great background for your artwork or can take center stage.  The trick is selecting colors that mirror the light levels in your rooms.  And, my goal is to choose colors that you feel comfortable living in and that create a cohesive feel throughout your home.