Interior Design

Leeza Designs provides a trained eye to help you create your personal space.

We can assist with your interior design needs, as well as work with your existing furnishings and objects in your home to create a new more beautiful and organized home. We also provide color consults and work with a variety of artisans and vendors to accomplish the vision you have for your home. Together we can determine your style and transform your home within your set budget. I also take on rush projects with specific deadlines.

I listen to my clients, ask questions and will then help you define your style.  I do not wish to impose my own personal design aesthetics into your space, but instead I wish to enjoy creating your own unique and beautiful style.  Over the years, I have worked in many different design aesthetics and rather than impose my own personal style on you, I seek out those things in your home that you cherish and enjoy and use them as my inspiration.  So, let’s enjoy the process of transforming your home! 

Here’s to creating interior beauty!

Please contact me to discuss your design needs at either (415) 244-2040 or at