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Is that Black? …because I think I have seen the light!

I am so in love with the black wall! I painted my office bathroom, BLACK! This fabulous black color that now adorns my bathroom is a Sherwin-Williams color called Black Fox, number SW7020. It has warm brown undertones, but in my space looks very BLACK and EDGY!  I love the capriz shell chandelier and the extra bling from the crystals, too. I recently went to a party in SF at a mid-century modern home and the entire front facade of the home was entirely black. It was fabulous! They were fabulous! Black is so fancy, so formal and so sexy! One of my clients recently moved to San Ramon and I tried to convince him to paint his office… Black… but, to no avail. Hmm… what do you think? Does Black do something for you?

Capiz Shell chandelier and Sherwin William - Black Fox 7029.

Capiz Shell chandelier and Sherwin William – Black Fox 7020.

My Jewel Box – Great Grandma’s Chandelier

Antique Red Brass Crystal Chandelier

Antique Red Brass Crystal Chandelier

I’m launching my blog – My Jewel Box!  I am very excited!  I thought it would be most appropriate if I shared with you the inspiration for the name of my blog.

My Great Grandma Mildred was a lover of beautiful things and I am the recipient of many of her treasures, including much of her vintage jewelry.  The jewels that once adorned her home are my inspiration.

While growing up, her crystal chandelier was in my parent’s dining room and now graces my daughter, Cecilia’s bedroom.  A crystal once fell off during a pillow fight and Cecilia shared in her big four year old voice, “Great Great Grandma is watching over me.”

Today, the red chandelier to the left, another of Great Grandma’s jewels,  now adorns  my parent’s dining room. It is like nothing I have ever seen before.  It is brass with crystal dangles and a fabulous color of red.  A  little bell accents the top of the chandelier.  I think it is simply fabulous!

Also, I would love to share with you… how to get this look.  But, I haven’t had much luck!  If I see anything that might compare, I’ll be sure to share.

Elizabeth Barnes

Elizabeth Barnes

Elizabeth Barnes is the principal designer at Leeza Designs in Piedmont, CA. In my opinion, Lighting is often the overlooked stepchild.  Clients often don’t realize what a difference a light fixture can make in their home.  My goal with lighting often is to create a beautiful focal point that makes a statement in a big way!