Interior Design

We will start by developing a Programming Document to define our goals for your space.  Some of the questions we will address are:

  1. What type of project is it?
  2. What are your furniture needs by room?
  3. Do you prefer to restore existing furniture, buy new or create something completely unique for your space?
  4. Do you need to add interesting and inviting objects into your space?
  5. Do your rooms need window treatment to control light and create drama?
  6. Do you want to create a special look using fabrics?
  7. Does your home lack flow?
  8. Do your floors or walls need updating?
  9. Do you have adequate lighting that creates a dramatic focal point in your rooms?
  10. Is it time to update your color palette throughout your home?

If you would like to begin the process of creating a new look for your space, please call (415) 244-2040 or contact me at