Leeza Designs offers Design to Sell and Staging for Life.

If your home is about to be listed for sale, we offer Design to Sell where we create a prioritized plan for your home.  This project can take many forms depending on your level of involvement, from a consultation on a do-it-yourself basis to commissioning me to work on a portion of the project.  We will provide a list that includes things that must be done.  We will also provide a list of your furnishings to remove and a list of things to purchase, as well as a space plan.  We can also provide shopping services and will even move your furniture around to transform your home for sale.

Staging for Life, utilizes your existing home furnishings where we help you create a beautiful and organized space designed for your living.  We will rearrange your furniture, artwork and accessories.  We can provide clutter-free and space-savings solutions for your home.

To discuss either Design to Sell or Staging for Life, please contact Leeza Designs at (415) 244-2040 or at