To restore, buy or design…  that is the question.

Restore:  I usually like to start with restoration because it’s somehow difficult for me to part with a piece of furniture that I know you once loved.  For furniture restoration, I have an amazing artisan that I work with.  He lets me wander in and out of his workroom during his creation process so that I can help with restoration.  He can fix a dent, distress, change the finish and just about anything you can think of.

Buy:  But, if you have no qualms about letting go, then let the shopping begin!  Shopping through designer showrooms offers you many designer furniture options including wood stain, metal finish, fabric choices.  In the SF Design District, in answer to these tighter economic times, there are more frequent sample sales which makes picking up a new designer sofa or dining room table for your home even more affordable.  I also have a handful of retail shops that I love to wander in.  I shop, mix and match.

Design:  Sometimes a custom piece is the right solution.  I work with a couple of different artisans.  My favorite custom furniture designer happens to be in Fremont.  I’ve worked with him for 8 years now and he is truly a fabulous resource.  One of my favorite pieces was a Step Tansu built to house a DVD, VCR and TIVO.

If you’d like to discuss your specific need in your home, please call Leeza Designs and we can determine whether your best choice is to restore, buy or design.  You may reach me at (415) 244-2040 or at