Lighting is often the overlooked step-child in most homes, which is a mistake because good lighting design can make all the difference in a room.  I once helped a client renovate a rental flat in San Francisco.  At the last moment, we decided to change out the overhead living room fixture and what a difference it made.  It transformed the room MORE than the new furniture, MORE than the artwork, MORE than restoring the floors and MORE than the newly installed window treatment!  The light fixtures became the focal point in the room.  You should never under-estimate the power of selecting a beautiful light fixture to transform your room.

How do I determine the correct amount of wattage to adequately light your family room?  Well, there is a formula for just about everything from the correct wattage for task lighting at a desk to how close your chandelier should hang over your dining room table.  To learn the answers to these and other design questions, please follow my Leeza Designs Blog, “My Jewel Box.”

I love using lighting in an unusual way, such as using an exterior lantern at the entrance of the dining room to give it that indoor/outdoor feel.   One of my favorite accents in the home is the pineapple.  It is recognized as a symbol of hospitality and there are some beautiful crystal pineapple light fixtures that can add charm to the corner of a room. Lighting can add whimsy, drama, romance and color.  It can set the tone for your room.

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