Is that Black? …because I think I have seen the light!

I am so in love with the black wall! I painted my office bathroom, BLACK! This fabulous black color that now adorns my bathroom is a Sherwin-Williams color called Black Fox, number SW7020. It has warm brown undertones, but in my space looks very BLACK and EDGY!  I love the capriz shell chandelier and the extra bling from the crystals, too. I recently went to … Read more

Crystals Swing from the Chandelier!

Back in November 2013, I painted the bathroom at my office a charcoal black color with brown undertones called Black Fox by Sherwin Williams SW7020 and added a capiz shell chandelier that I purchased from Light in the box.  I got a great price around $200, but the assembly was a nightmare.  I even had my children with their tiny fingers help string the shells … Read more

My Jewel Box – Great Grandma’s Chandelier

I’m launching my blog – My Jewel Box!  I am very excited!  I thought it would be most appropriate if I shared with you the inspiration for the name of my blog. My Great Grandma Mildred was a lover of beautiful things and I am the recipient of many of her treasures, including much of her vintage jewelry.  The jewels that once adorned her home … Read more