Flower Power!

I am in love with the retro whimsical feel of the flower patterns that I am seeing around these days…

Villa Romo Fabric Elodie Carmine V3101/02

This Villa Romo Fabric in PINK is from De Sousa Hughes at the San Francisco Design Center. The manufacturer Villa Romo, recently changed it’s USA name to match the rest of the world. It’s now Villa Nova. It’s color name is Elodie Carmine number V3101/02.  This design takes it’s cue from a “lady’s purse” flower.  This fabric will soon grace a few pillows in a client’s Oakland Victorian home.  It was recently added to the mix when the fabric we selected had been discontinued… so, so, so pleased that I love it even more than our original choice!!!  Whew!  Hate it when that happens, but fabric does occasional become discontinued….

Tea Towel with Floral Pattern from Cost Plus World Market This is my kitchen towel.  LOVE IT!  It’s in my mid-century modern home.  My kitchen has grey walls and I love the pop of ORANGE against the grey walls.  You too can have this fabulous turquoise and red floral towel… It’s from Cost Plus World Market and so reasonably priced!  I purchased it several years ago, but it’s still available as I saw it last week when I was shopping for a garbage can for a client’s bathroom!

Floral Pattern on Paper in Turquoise, Red, Pink and GreenLove this PINK AND TURQUOISE paper!  I am thinking about painting the back side of my front door using this paper as my inspiration!  It was wrapped around a present given to me for my birthday by an artist friend of mine…

Floral Pattern on Garbage Can at Cost Plus World MarketThis is a floral pattern that now graces a garbage can that can be purchased at Cost Plus World Market!  Love the blend of ORANGES, TURQUOISE, RED and hint of PURPLE.   This is soon to be presented as an option in a client’s home.  We will see if it makes the cut for their bathroom?!

Are flowers in your future???