Foil, Flocked or Faux? What’s your favorite Wallpaper?

This foil peacock wallpaper I love!  It is in my Grandma Lois’ boudoir. Grandma Lois lived in the Oakland hills and believe it or not there are wild turkey roaming her yard and here she has wallpaper matching the nature around her.  She said that they purchased it years ago down by the lake (Lake Merritt) at a place called McFees. Vintage designed wallpaper is … Read more

Another Jewel from my Great Grandma

Area rugs are jewels for your floors.  This is one of my favorites that is in the foyer at my parent’s home.  This rug also came from my Great Grandma Mildred.  It was up at ‘The Cabin’ in Strawberry.  I love the vibrant pinks and the small little animals that are throughout the rug.  A buck and deer are resting in the bottom corners and … Read more