Another Jewel from my Great Grandma

Area rugs are jewels for your floors.  This is one of my favorites that is in the foyer at my parent’s home.  This rug also came from my Great Grandma Mildred.  It was up at ‘The Cabin’ in Strawberry.  I love the vibrant pinks and the small little animals that are throughout the rug.  A buck and deer are resting in the bottom corners and little birds flit about.  The animals are enveloped in leaves.  It’s as stunning as a diamond ring.

In all my rug shopping with clients, I’ve never come upon a rug like this.  Its very unusual with the little hidden animals and the colors.  I think is very romantic.

This elegant rug is actually called the Jewel from the Golden Age Collection of Samad.  I’ve admired this rug for years now.  I think it has the same feminine feel of Grandma’s rug, but it’s about the closest I’ve come across.  This rug is available at Floor Designs in the San Francisco Design District.

So, what about you?  What does your dream rug look like and say about you?  feminine, romantic, high glamor, earthy, unusual, relaxed, hip, artistic, well-traveled…