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Please join and comment on what you want your art in your home to say about you by December 1, 2010 for a chance to enter a drawing and win this dramatic piece of artwork.

Tybee Island by Eddie O'Bryan

Everyone once in a while, I receive an item in the mail from a vendor and sometimes they are truly beautiful and must be shared! I received a piece of artwork from New Era Portfolio. It is a site for Designer’s only and they offer fine art pieces to the trade.

About the Art: It is a black and white photo and it has been printed on aluminum!  It was then floated in a black frame. The aluminum has the special affect of allowing light to go behind the image and it reflects light back at the viewer. My opinion – luminous and tres moderne. It is titled ‘Tybee Island’. And, for all you fellow Californians, Tybee is a barrier island with a 3-mile long beach in Georgia. It is a low-key seaside resort town.  The frame is 14”x14” in size, yep the piece I’m giving away is a square, not a rectangle. It is also Classified 100% green by the EPA.

About the Artist: This particular piece is by Eddie O’Bryan. His work is quiet and surreal. He spends most of his time in the darkroom and favors the grain and imperfections of film over the precision of digital photography.

About New Era Portfolio: They offer 4,500 exclusive, limited edition images and 9 million stock photos. New Era is an art publisher that offers custom printing and art development services from 71 artists.

So, what do you want your art in your home to say about you?

Elizabeth Barnes
Elizabeth Barnes

Elizabeth Barnes is the principal designer at Leeza Designs in Piedmont, CA. In my opinion, the art in your home is simply an extension of who you are and is such an important element in your home.  Art can take so many forms, trompe  l’ oeil on an empty wall, a shower glass partition with an etched design, or a piece of artwork you have picked up in your travels. What does your art say about you?