During Garage Organization Retro Bathroom Book Found!

Tiger Lily Retro Bathroom by KohlerSo, I recently helped a client organize her parent’s garage. They recently passed away… um, a year ago. And, when I share that this home has not been touched, I mean it! It has not been touched.

Her mother created truly fabulous vignettes resulting in high glamor throughout her home! There is gold, silk, mirrors and more gold and more gold.

Anyway, my client, she said that she just couldn’t tackle updating the interior unless we organized the garage. Well, you’ll never guess what I found in a suitcase buried in the rafters! A Kohler Catalogue and an American-Standard Book of tiles from the 1950s! I always wondered what retro really looked liked!

My favorite picture is titled Wild Tiger Lily, with Avocado. It includes a carpet and window panels that are bold red. The toilet, bidet and chair are a soft avocado green. Black granite surrounds the tub whose interior is avocado green. And, the black granite countertop houses the bold red sink bowls and gold faucets! WOW!

And, sweetly enough, there is a note in the back of the book, written in my client’s mother’s handwriting that says $25.00, for the faucet (K-7034) that now adorns the sinks in my client’s guest bathroom. This bathroom is described as bold, beautiful and regal. Well, I think Kohler got this one wrong, I might describe it as not-restful, blood meets green or scary, but what a fabulous find this book is!

Elizabeth Barnes
Elizabeth Barnes

Elizabeth Barnes is the principal designer at Leeza Designs in Piedmont, CA.  A well organized home utilizing a few elements of Feung Shui can make a difference in your life.  Your silver has a box, your coat has the hall closet, why shouldn’t your keys have a a beautiful decorative bowel at your entry to call home?