Hot off the Press: Pink!

Pink is getting a lot of publicity in 2011.  Pantone just predicted 18-2120, Honeysuckle is THE color for 2011, which is a HOT raspberry color.  And, the The New York Times just wrote an article on the pink bathroom, referencing one of my favorite movies from my high school years, “Pretty in Pink”.   And they noted blogger Pam Keuber, who started a blog called http://savethepinkbathroom; a hilarious blog, worth checking out!  But, beware, she asks you to take a pledge to never destroy your vintage pink bathroom!

What do you think?  Will you be keeping your PINK 1970s bathroom? Or, do you have any plans to change your living room to PINK in 2011?  Let me know.

I’ve included a few pictures of the PINK work I’ve done and a few PINK photos that I find inspirational.  Enjoy!

Leeza Designs Pink Tiled Bathroom with a Pink Ceiling in Kensington, CA

Leeza Designs Pink Guest Bedroom in Kensington, CA

Leeza Designs Panels with Roman Shade in a Pink Guest Bedroom in Castro Valley, CA
Inspirational Living Room with Pink Accents

These last two fun inspirational pink photos are from Belle Maison.  You can check out Belle Maison using  the link in my blogroll.

Elizabeth Barnes
Elizabeth Barnes

Elizabeth Barnes is the principal designer at Leeza Designs in Piedmont, CA. In my opinion, Color on walls can create a great background for your artwork or can take center stage.  The trick is selecting colors that mirror the light levels in your rooms.  And, my goal is to choose colors that you feel comfortable living in and that create a cohesive feel throughout your home.