Villa Nova Misaki Clover from De Sousa Hughes
Villa Roma Misaki Clover from De Sousa Hughes

Recently, I’ve been on a hunt for a fabric for a pillow for green leather chair for a Piedmont client. She recently purchased a red area rug with green accents.   This fabric is one of the contenders for the accompanying pillow for her side chair in her living room.  I absolutely love it because it shimmers.  It is made of Viscose and Polyester. It is from the De Sousa Hughes Showroom at the San Francisco Design Center.  The vendor is Villa Nova and the fabric is called Misaki Clover (1194/12).  It is available in 12 different colourways.  I hope it all comes to fruition with this client because I have had my eye on this fabric for so long.  I can hardly wait to use it on a client project!

Elizabeth Barnes
Elizabeth Barnes

Elizabeth Barnes is the principal designer at Leeza Designs in Piedmont, CA. In my opinion, the icing in any room are the fabrics selected for pillows. I believe the fabrics are what give your room that personal and warm touch.  It is also one of the easiest ways to give a room a fresh new look.